Tuesday, November 02, 2004

swedese twister stool yuriko takahashi forsnas hightower
For her design of the Twister stool, Yuriko Takahashi received the premier furniture design award in Sweden - the coveted 2003 Forsnas Prize.

The Twister stool was awarded the Forsnas Prize for its independent design language, which the Jury found both functional, sensual and humane.

In group formation Twister completes the room, and creates playful rows of warmth that tempts any passerby to take a seat and enjoy the day.

About Yuriko Takahashi. Yuriko Takahashi is a young and talented Japanese designer living and working in Copenhagen. She graduated as an industrial designer for Chiba University in Japan in 1991. After working for some years as a professional industrial designer at Matsushita, she moved to Denmark continuing her studies at the furniture department of the Danish Design School and graduated in 1999.

Twister is crafted by Swedese and distributed "to the trade" in North America exclusively by Hightower Group.

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