Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Mats Theselius Elektra Chair

Hightower Group is now offering Elektra (#K1260), designed by Mats Theselius.

Elektra makes a strong design statement with its distinctive high back, anodised aluminum body and luxurious leather upholstery.

Handcrafted by Kallemo in Sweden, Elektra is available with several standard aluminum colors and a cross section of standard leathers from Tarnsjo, one of the most prestigious tanneries in the world.

Hightower also offers the following models from Kallemo; Bruno, El Dorado, National Geographic, Sheriff, NON, Sven, DNA, Ambassad, Herbarium, Cobra, Skyline, Plex, Triptyk, Puma, Pilaster, Asplund, GA-1, GA-2 and Chambert.

Founded by Sven Lundh, Kallemo collaborates with many of the world's leading designers, including: Mats Thesilius, John Linton, Sigurdur Gutafsson, Jonas Bohlin, Mattias Ljunggren, Komplot Design, John Kandell, Anna Kraitz, Olav Eldoy, and Erik Chambert. Kallemo also provides authorized reproductions of the work of noted designers Gunnar Asplund and Bruno Mathsson.

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